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Why You Should Start Eating Soaked Almonds.

May 27, 2021
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Why you should eat soaked almonds starting from now. 


There are raw almonds, roasted almonds, and now soaked almonds? Doesn’t sound like the most common thing you’d hear about nuts. Or, whenever you’re shopping for our products, there’s a little voice whispering softly in your head asking what on earth is a soaked almond, but quickly get covered by another voice shouting excitedly how delicious the roasted almonds are, sitting next to it. So, here we go, bringing justice to soaked almonds - why you should eat more of them and also why you’d probably go nuts for them, literally. 


What are soaked almonds?


Soaked almonds go through the procedure of soaking raw almonds in water for up to 12 hours. After draining the water, almond skins are usually removed for a smoother texture. You can either eat directly or use a dehydrator or an oven to further dehydrate the almonds for crunchy bites. 


Maximum nutrients absorption


According to experts, normal almonds have a harder texture which may be more difficult for your body to digest. While soaking the almonds can soften the texture, it’s easy to chew and can be broken down into smaller pieces. While the smaller pieces we can break down through chewing, more nutrients we get to absorb. Are soaked almonds better than normal almonds then? Yup. Just think of the benefits of almonds mentioned below working at their best for you. 


Helps in losing weight 

Almonds are low in carb, high in protein and fiber - sound like your ideal weight management intake? The rich protein and fiber in almonds may help reduce hunger, and therefore control your desire to eat and overall calories consumption. So, good news, food lovers who want to maintain an ideal weight! Keep doing what you love, you just need to eat healthy, not less. 


Helps lower cholesterol level

It is widely approved that almonds are a good source of healthy fat that helps reduce the bad cholesterol level. In the result, you’ll have your heart protected better, and with less risk of getting a stroke. While on top of the healthy fat doing the good deeds to your heart, almonds are rich in Vitamin E - another heart healthy nutrient. In fact, almonds are one of the best sources of vitamin E in the world!  It helps to increase the good cholesterol in your body and fight against the bad one. 


Helps in blood sugar control


Thanks to the high magnesium found in almonds, they may help people with type 2 diabetes improve blood sugar level, and help others prevent diabetes. Worrying about your blood sugar level may shoot up after meals? Just make soaked almonds your daily meals too! 


Helps in blood pressure


Well, we all know having a high blood pressure is no joke. Heart attacks, strokes, and even kidney failure are the possible effects of high blood pressure and could be fatal. Lucky for all of us, almonds are almighty. The magnesium in almonds doesn’t just function for blood sugar, it is the key nutrient to regulating blood pressure too. 


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