About Us

It started back in 2014, when we met and decided to start a home bakery. Jason was a self-taught baker and Chris was a marketer. We were determined to make the best cakes and brownies and we named our little venture “White Houze”.

With a lot of hard work and motivation, our little venture grew and we got busy. 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for nearly two years we baked day and night fulfilling orders. We were always improving our baking techniques and recipes, always moving forward almost obsessed with perfecting our craft.
The 16-hour days was extremely taxing, and so somewhere along we decided that we should at least eat a little healthier. That was how we started roasting nuts and granola for our own consumption.
One day an idea hit us, sell the nuts and granola we were roasting! And we get to encourage our customers to eat better and healthier too. It was an idea that we were excited about and quickly put to action.
We wanted to make our nuts and granola clean, simple & healthy. We got to work, trying recipes and deciding on ingredients. After months and plenty of collected feedback, we finally launch our Original Granola and a range of slow roasted nuts.
As the demand for our new range of healthy products grew, we decided to wrap up our cake business. We re-branded to Big Nuts and never looked back.
Today, we have a small team of passionate bakers & production crew and we operate from our roastery in Georgetown, Penang. Our product range has grown to include a range of granola, slow roasted nuts, trail mixes, muesli and natural dried fruits.
As our business grow, so does our passion to encourage a healthy diet. We make it our mission to share our products because we believe that big in value, big in taste.

Jason Lee - Co Founder of Big Nuts