CNY 2023 New Year Festive Gift Sets are here!

"Laughter is brightest where food is best."

This is A Gift that You’ll Love to Receive! Tantalize your taste buds with Delectable Treats that’ll usher the Year of the Rabbit with Joy and Wishes of Good Health 🧡

Featured Healthy Snacks

Big in Value, Big in Taste.

We endeavour to provide you with only premium and high quality food - that's our Guarantee.

Penang homegrown one stop offering premium, healthy snacks.

Our mission is to make healthy living fun and guilt-free!

Our Promise to You

Clean and Simple Ingredients

Only natural and pure elements, no trans fat and harmful substances. We believe that simple and natural are good, whereas that artificial and unfamiliar are bad for you.

Lightly Roasted

We roast our nuts on a low temperature with care and devotion, to preserve the nutrients and prevent fats from going bad. Thanks to this process, you end up with a purer and sharper flavor of really healthy and natural product.

From our production right into your hand

We simply ensure that you get our freshest goods, from our production right to your doorstep. But keep in mind, don’t store them for too long as it will affect the best time to consume them!

We're Halal Certified too!

Our certificate