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This is what would happen if you eat cashew nuts every day

Mar 23, 2021
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Cashews don't just taste delicious, they are very beneficial to our health too. In fact, experts suggest that eating cashew nuts daily can make a difference to your body. Here are some of the changes that you'd most definitely want to have

1. A Smiling Heart :)

They may look like a kidney, but Cashews are really good for the heart. They are rich in unsaturated fat or good fat, omega-3, fiber and Vitamin E. In simple words, they help in lowering cholesterol level, preventing irregular heart beat, and preventing a heart attack. Powerful, eh?

2. Bright eyes

Surprise, surprise, nuts are good for the eyes too. Not just fruits and vegetables! Cashews are loaded with a kind of antioxidant that is called ZeaXanthin. This antioxidant helps to form a protective layer on our eyes which prevents harmful light damage. Staring at your laptop for too long everyday? Pop a few of these yum-yums to get some protection. 

3. Healthy weight 

Wanting to stay in a healthier body but you “have” to snack on chips and chocolates so that you can stay awake in the office most of the time? We get it. How about snacking on something that tastes good and still helps you to keep a healthy weight? Cashew contains lower calories, and high amounts of fiber and protein. By that means, it keeps you full and reduces hunger, and helps you to lose and maintains a healthy weight. 

4. Strong bones

Well, we’d all want a body that is still young even though we get to the age of 60. And we could still walk around peacefully without fearing losing our balance means breaking a bone or two? Cashew nuts are full of elements such as magnesium, copper and manganese, which helps strengthen the bones and may also prevent osteoporosis - a disease that bones become weak, and are prone to break from a fall. 

Start bringing cashews to your office already! Get ready to live like you’re 25 when you’re 60. :)

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