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Almond Stuffed Mariami Dates 500g

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When they say the opposite attracts, it can be no truer than our Salted Almond and Dates - the perfect match. It is an undeniably epic love story of the almonds that are salty and crunchy, and dates that are sweet, soft, and chewy. 

With two salted almonds in each date, it is great for a heavenly quick bite to avoid starvation. Plus, dates and almonds are both rich in fiber which doesn't just promote healthy bowel movement, you'll feel full for a longer period of time. Hence, the chance of overeating will be minimized. Other health benefits included a strong immune system due to the disease-fighting antioxidants in dates, lower bad cholesterol levels, strong bones, healthy skin, and a healthy heart.  


  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Healthy bowel movement
  • Provide energy
  • Enhance metabolism


Salted almonds, Mariami Dates


USA, Iran

Allergen Information:

Made in a facility that also handles tree nuts, peanuts & eggs.

Store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness.

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