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Big Nuts CNY Infinite Prosperity 榮華富貴

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What's inside the box?

• Roasted Macadamia (Unsalted) 140g

• Pistachio Shell (Unsalted) 180g

• Deluxe Nut Mix 135g

• Mango Slice 150g

• Almonds and Cashew Trail Mix 170g

• Orange Frosted Nut Mix (Limited Special Flavor) 140g 


Halal Certified by Jakim

Shelf life: 7 Months from date of purchase


Storage tips:

1.               Products may last up to 6 months if stored in cool and dry place at room temperature.

2.              For longer storage (up to 12 months), please keep in a refrigerator.

3.              Avoid exposing products to direct heat and sunlight.

4.              To prevent oxidation and to retain crunchiness, please seal the products properly in an airtight condition.

5.              Finish our products as quickly as possible to enjoy maximum freshness.

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