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California Mixed Raisins 500g

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Sometimes, you just want something to chew on. Not to get you full because you are not hungry, but for your lonely mouth that just want some companies. And here’s when our lovely raisins come into play! Chewy, sweet, juicy, our tasty California mixed raisins are everything you need to get through between meals.

More than just satisfying your food craving, raisins are a good source of a few essential nutrients included iron, fibre and calcium. They are good for your blood, help in healthy bowel movement and building strong bones. On top of that, raisins consist of antibacterial properties which make them a great natural remedy that’d leave your breath as fresh as a daisy!


  • Antibacterial properties leave your breath as fresh as a daisy!
  • Relieves bloating (making them the ideal beach snack!)
  • Rich in iron, promoting healthy blood.
  • High in fibre, aiding bowel health and lowering cholesterol levels.




California USA

Allergen Information:

Made in a facility that also handles tree nuts, peanuts & eggs.

Store in cool, dry place for maximum freshness.


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