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Dried Banana Coins (Unsweetened) 150g

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Go bananas for our dried banana coin! Using a dehydrated method instead of deep fried with excessive oil like most banana chips, our banana coins have a distinctive chewy texture that you’d absolutely love. Even better, our dehydrated bananas are able to keep most of their nutrients than fried bananas.

Other than being famous for their high fibre nature, bananas contain high potassium and magnesium that is good for the heart and the kidney. In fact, experts recommend that eating a banana several times a week may help to protect your kidney up to 50%! Notice our banana coins are unsweetened? Bananas themselves have consisted enough of natural sugar — sucrose, fructose, and glucose, which provide energy when you need a boost. 


  • Keep your heart healthy with potassium-rich banana coin.

  • High in fibre, aiding bowel health and lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Relieves morning sickness.
  • Halves the risk of kidney disease.
  • High in Vitamin B6, that aids protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism as well as the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters.





Allergen Information:

Made in a facility that also handles tree nuts, peanuts & eggs.

Store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness.

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